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Webmasters page, recip and rules:

  1. NO CHILD PORN, it will be reported. NO passwords, warez or any other illegal content.
  3. No Consols, pop up, windows or opening another browser window are allowed. This includes resizing or disabling browser buttons etc.
  4. No Blind Links (mouse overs to hide sponsor code is the ONLY exception!)
  5. No Banner Farms or sponsor cluttered sites
  6. No FREE e-mail address's eg hotmail, yahoo, msn, gogle etc
  7. Your site must have a clear cut WARNING. My Link must be above the "Enter" link and only on your entry page. Do NOT put my link
    on the index page if all other major links are on your main page. Or on a page no-one will ever see like index5412.html
    After all it's about being fair and sharing traffic around!
  8. Maximum of 3 Sponsor links or "other" links per page. This does not mean "6" It means a total of 3 outward links per page.
    Thumbs must open to the bigger pic, not to html pages
  9. Your site must have a Minimum of 20 pic (thumbed) Pics and the minimum size on either height or width no less than 400 pixels, if your site is a Pic site.
  10. I do not list Thumb Pages (Picture Pages), only complete Quality Web Sites.
  11. Non category site submit in Variety porn.
  12. A reciprocal link is required. Please have it in place before submitting.

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